Tips and Ideas

Most new exhibitors have questions about booth displays. Many wonder what the term “backdrop” means, what it involves and how or where to even start with making their display. What we’re listing here are some real easy ideas that will result in a special, unique look for your booth. Sure it’s easier to just walk into the show, put up your tables, put on some table cloths. and put your crafts out. But, it isn’t the best way to display your work.

You’ve put time into making your merchandise so why not invest some time in making your display look as good as your art or craft? By using shelves, crates, boxes, risers, your work will be displayed three-dimensional rather than laying flat on a table. Pack in the boxes or crates, empty them at the show and then use them in the display. Cover with coordinating fabrics.

When you are at a show look around at the other exhibitors displays. Pick up ideas from those that look great and take note of those that look not so great. At each show try to improve the look of your display. Take pictures of your booth so you’ll have them when needed for applications. Pictures will also help you see your display from the shoppers viewpoint.

We use the word backdrop loosely, as a term for a divider between you and your neighbor’s booth. It can be shelving, racks, crates, fabric, lattice, grid walls, tons of different things. Here are examples used by some of our exhibitors. Please try any of these suggestions to help make our overall show floor look great and your “retail store” stand out.

A good source for fitted tablecloths is They have several sizes and colors available. These go on in a minute and wrinkles fall out quickly.

PVC pipe frame is an easy, inexpensive, lightweight and compact idea. 

  • Cut your PVC pipe to the desired length and join together with fittings.
  • Assemble and then hang a nice fabric, fabric curtain, lace, bamboo curtain, etc.
  • The bottom frame to hold it up varies. One way is the “feet” approx. 2 ft. front and back.
  • Another way is a flat piece of wood or metal and you put a base on to stick the pipe into.

More specific measurements upon request. Some booths only use 1 wall others have made three.

Four Panel Slat Display Shelving

  • Wooden Construction | Look at –
  • Great, durable, flexible pieces.
  • Not being made locally any longer.